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Dance to the beat of ska reggae music when you tune in to Power Cuts Radio station. We have a huge library of ska reggae songs that any ska enthusiast will surely enjoy.

Ska, like all kinds of music, has a history that is rich in culture fusion and other human experiences.

Music lovers from any corner of the world will truly appreciate the punchy tones, cheerful beats, and catchy rhythms of ska. If you have not taken a dip into the world of ska, then this is the perfect time to do so.


From the funky beats to the deep and soulful bass lines, you will definitely find comfort and solace in every note.

The Ska Origins:
How It Began

Ska owes its existence to mento and calypso, two of the most prominent traditional Jamaican and pan-Caribbean genre. Post World War II, there was a shift of themes from hopelessness and sombre tones to happy and celebratory ones, especially in the US. These influences soon found their way to the Caribbean and Jamaican shores.

These genres seamlessly enmeshed with the new influences of North American rhythm and blues, jazz, and early rock ‘n’ roll. Following the theme of living life, happiness, optimist, and victory, Ska featured fast and upbeat songs in 4/4 time signatures. Around the 1960s, the Ska reggae music that we know and love today officially made it to big radio stations.

It was mainly played for dancing and it is obvious why this is so. When you listen to ska, even just the first few lines can make you dance to the beat. Its colorful chord progression featured horn sections and harmony singers that really raises the spirits even higher.

Walking Bass Lines with a Twist!

The first wave of ska music was characterized by a prominent walking bass line that was accented by rhythms on the offbeat. This style and tune can be easily recognized and has since become the main signature of ska band music. This lively and upbeat style then slowly transitioned into what is now known as rocksteady. However, even after 60 years since its inception, ska still reigns supreme in the hearts of many loyal genre enthusiasts.

From Prince Buster to The Eptones

Prince Buster, Clement “Coxsone” Dodd, and Duke Reid were considered as the pioneers of ska reggae in the mainstream media of America. In the early 60s, ska grew more and more popular in Jamaica and among British mods.

It was not long before this music genre reached the fancy of people here in Australia and has continued to do so up to this day. Bands that were solely dedicated to ska reggae started emerging in the 70s to late 90s. Even today, there are still groups who have revived the genre, adding some modern spice between its classic rhythms.

Here at Power Cuts Radio, we have a full range of Ska reggae songs that dates back to the golden Prince Buster era to the modernized beats of The Eptones. We have thousands of ska reggae songs in our archives that you can choose from. The best thing is that you can have access to these songs by simply tuning in to Power Cuts Radio!

Breathe life to your daily routine with Ska reggae beats. Dance to the rhythm or sing your heart out when you listen to our Ska library today.

Stream Ska Music 24/7 with Power Cuts Radio!

Power Cuts Radio aims to provide all our listeners with quality ska reggae music. Take us with you wherever you go and enjoy the music wherever the crave for ska music hits you. Whether you are just driving by a long stretch of highway or cooking up another dish in your kitchen, you can put these tunes on to get the groove going. At Power Cuts Radio, you can also get to watch Jamaican movies online for free.


Listen to the finest ska reggae radio station in Australia. Our streaming services are available 24/7, so you can listen anytime, anywhere. Explore the early history of ska and dive into its colorful evolution over the years.

Our music programmer, Ted Vassell, guarantees a fun and entertaining ska reggae experience to all our listeners.

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