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Make your day right and listen to your favourite reggae music from one of the best reggae radio stations in Australia! Tune in to the very entertaining, upbeat, and heart-thumping effect of your best-loved reggae tracks and top-billed music genre.

Power Cuts Radio is one of the leading internet radio stations in Australia that play the trendiest dance hall and the best reggae music songs. Our station streams nonstop reggae music that lets you enjoy good vibes, all day and all night.

Our popular streaming services allow you to listen to your main choice of reggae music and even discover new tracks daily! Power Cuts Radio releases the latest records that will surely satisfy your taste for a reggae groove.

Our free radio streaming is available 24/7.

Out of the many internet radio stations in Australia, our site plays the liveliest and most soothing music that can and keep your depression at bay. At Power Cuts Radio, we believe that through listening to the upbeat and buoyant rhythm of reggae, you can fend off your anxiety and deflect feelings of being beaten-down.

What You Need to Know About
Australian Reggae

With its origin in Jamaica, reggae is best known for its distinct music themes. Its popularity expanded from its homeland to every corner of the world. It creates good music, and the beat of its percussions will keep you energetic. If you know Bob Marley, there is a chance that you already understand the importance of reggae in people’s lives as well as in the lives of those who introduced it.

Reggae is not only popular for its rhythm and tempo but also for the way it understands culture. Its deep lyrical meaning includes topics like love, redemption, and natural living. Although criticised for its political standpoint, reggae stands true to its tradition and cultural subjects. This is why it has been a widely used genre across the globe, one that even kids of all ages sing.

In Australia, reggae was first introduced in the year 1980s. As other countries were, Australia was inspired to adapt reggae. Big groups such as Blue King Brown, Astronomy Class, Sticky Fingers, and The Red Eyes are some of the famous bands that record and perform reggae.

Although thriving in a country outside Jamaica, reggae in Australia stays faithful to the Jamaican style. The way reggae penetrated Australian music is incredibly inspiring. Because of the genre’s notable qualities, it has become a style that spread throughout whole country’s music industry. This has even opened different doors of opportunities for aspiring artists who took advantage of the increasing impact of reggae in the Australian community.

Various internet radio stations Australia stream music 24/7. Radio broadcasts, such as Power Cuts Radio, bring people to a whole new level of audio streaming. With its roots in Jamaica, our site channels the hop and bop of reggae music.

Choose Your Number One Reggae Radio Station in Australia

So, are you an avid fan of reggae? The music of Jamaica incredibly influenced the style of Australian jazz and rock. From being a small contributor in the music industry, it has suddenly outgrown other music styles and has become a worldwide trend, not just in Australia but in the whole continent as well. Its previously small-scale contribution became a universal style of music today.
Power Cuts Radio plays highly classical and groovy reggae music. Jive in the tempo and style of its music as we stream the newly released reggae music of the generation. Enjoy the energising, refreshing, and unique beat of reggae as we feature the most famous tracks we have today.
As one of the best reggae radio stations in Australia, we give satisfying service through streaming the finest reggae music in the region. With our artists’ untiring composition of this type of music, we will make sure to provide you with a way to listen to these masterpieces. With our ever-talented music programmer, Ted Vassell, you are guaranteed the best reggae songs we have in the country.

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