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Tune in to one of the leading Reggae internet radio stations in Australia, Power Cuts Radio. Our reggae radio live stream brings only the best vibes all day, every day.

Strictly roots reggae music.

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Bring your family and friends and party to the best beats that only our radio online streaming can bring! Our music is not only perfect for parties as you can also vibe to our reggae radio live stream for mellow nights where you just want to relax and enjoy. No other internet radio stations in Australia can top the choices we have here at Power Cuts.

Listen to the radio online and dance to your favourite music with our Rastamusic reggae radio. We are proud to present roots reggae radio to everyone who loves the genre. Even if you are new to the scene, we have music that will put you right in the mood, whenever you want. Just tune in to one of the best free internet radio stations in the country and you will surely get a blast.

If you have been looking for feel-good digital reggae radio stations, then head on over to our reggae radio live stream and vibe with us.

Listen to the radio online and dance to your favourite music with our Rastamusic reggae radio.

Why Choose
Power Cuts Radio?

Musical Roots and Origins

The Jamaican community in Australia has been very patriotic with their musical roots and origins. This has pushed them to contribute largely to the thriving music of the Australian continent. Even if there are other genres that dominate the Australian music, dance hall’s creativity and magnetic effect far outshine other music brands.

Reliable Rastamusic

Power Cuts Radio is Sydney’s most reliable rastamusic reggae radio station. By listening to Power Cuts Radio, you’ll surely enjoy the beat and jive of its energetic rhythm. So, what are you waiting for? Experience the fun and lively upbeat of dance hall rhythm!

Coolest Reggae Vibz

You got to be seen in a Power Cuts Radio T-shirt at your next Reggae Festivals. Globally, get one for yourself & a friend. All the way from Australia, bless.

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